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Disclaimer: The below is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

Traditional first dates like coffee, cocktails, or dinner often feel like an interview. You’re sitting across a table, forced to ask generic questions about work, hobbies, and interests – and let’s face it, it can be really awkward. When there’s a lull in the conversation, you can’t really focus on something else; you either have to force a new subject or decide to end your date.

The good news is, first dates don’t have to be like this. Dates focused on a unique shared experience can give you an instant point of bonding, both during and after the date.

Here are some fun things you and your new love interest can do on your first outing together. They’re inexpensive, and more importantly, they allow you to get to know them on a deeper level than your typical first date conversations.

1. Go To A Concert

Asking about musical tastes is everyone’s go-to first date question. It feels cliché, but music is extremely personal and meaningful to a lot of people. There’s nothing quite like finding someone who loves that same obscure album you discovered back in high school. Knowing someone’s musical preferences can help you assess their personalities and values, and as a rule, we tend to gravitate toward people who share our taste in music. If you talked about music before your first date, track down tickets to concert you’d both enjoy – even if it’s just a local band playing at a bar.

2. See A Comedy Show

Everyone says they have “a good sense of humor,” especially on dating apps. But what kind of humor does your partner have? Sharing a similar sense of humor and being able to laugh together leads to more satisfied relationships, according to one study.

Find a local comedy club and check out a stand-up show for your first date. Are you laughing at the same jokes? This lets you see an important side of your date and tells you more about the kind of person they are.

3. Be A Tour Guide In Your City

Everyone has a favorite hidden gem in their city. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall dive, speakeasy, park or venue, grab a camera (or your smartphone) and share your favorite spots with your date. Talk about why you love the place and the story of what first brought you there. Then switch off and let them take you to one of their favorite spots. Take pictures of each other, or pose for a selfie. Sharing your city with your date can lead to exciting new adventures and finding special spots together on future dates.

4. Check Out A Local Street Fair Or Festival

Street fairs, festivals, and other outdoor events happen year-round in most cities, and there’s always a ton of things to do and see. If you’re both foodies, look for a food truck festival. Into handmade art? Check out a craft fair. You could even head over to a carnival and play a game to win your date a prize.

5. Take A Class Together

Whether you’re into painting, cooking, fitness, or something else, there’s probably a class you can take to explore your interests. If you and your potential date have a hobby in common, research a related activity you can sign up for together. “Paint and sip” classes are a great option – or maybe rock climbing at a local gym is more your speed. Either way, you’re bound to have fun building skills together.

No matter what you and your new partner choose for your first date, pay attention to how that person makes you feel. If you’re listening to every word they say and never want the night to end, you’re with the right person.