The Meaning Of The Name Astrid

The Meaning Of The Name Astrid
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Given names are an important part of who we are because it’s likely we’ll carry them for the rest of our lives. Names help us to learn about a person’s family or ancestral history. With a name like Astrid growing favorably among families in the US and globally, we explore the Astrid name meaning and other fun facts in this blog post.

What does the name Astrid mean?

The proper definition of Astrid is “divinely beautiful” or “beautiful goddess.” A “two-element name,” Astrid can be deconstructed by its syllables: “Áss” means God or divinity and “fridr” means peace and beauty.

More than two dozen spelling variations of Astrid appear on the online name dictionary. They include Aster, Astlyr, Astlyrd, Astra, Astrad and Astrud.

How do you pronounce Astrid?

As a two-syllable name, Astrid should be easy and fun to pronounce. The first sound “AS” and the second “trid” make “AS-trid.”

Where does the name Astrid come from?

Astrid has been a name used by royal families across Scandinavia since the 10th century. Some of the royal bearers of Astrid are Queen Astrid of Belgium and Princess Astrid of Norway (Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner).

Information about the popularity of Astrid’s name was missing for nearly three decades, but recent data from the Social Security Administration shows the female name entered the top 500 list of 1,000 baby names in 2020 and has slightly risen in popularity since then. This leads us to believe that the popularity of the name Astrid is growing among families in the US.

True to its origins, Astrid remains loved among Scandinavian speakers.

Prominent figures with the name Astrid

Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren authored several children’s books, including the beloved fictional character Pippi Longstocking in 1945. According to the late author’s website, Lindgren’s books have sold more than 165 million copies and have been translated into 108 languages.

Also of Swedish origin is American-born actress Astrid Allwyn, who starred in Broadway plays, such as “Street Scene” in 1929 and “Once in a Lifetime” in 1932. Her second play launched Allwyn’s career in Hollywood where she starred in dozens of films throughout the ‘30s

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

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