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There’s nothing wrong with being single, but the holiday season may have made you feel otherwise. These festive months are known to bring loved ones together, whether it be family, friends or romantic partners. But for some, it can be a reminder not of what they have, but rather what they’re lacking.

If you’re going into the new year as alone as a partridge in a pear tree, don’t fret: online dating activity spikes throughout January. With the right attitude and the effort to avoid burnout, you might just find your February Valentine.

How to Avoid Dating Burnout

Dating burnout is real, and it can happen to anyone – especially in today’s “swipe right” culture. From canceling dates at the last minute to downright dreading them, burnout symptoms vary and can cause many to swear off dating altogether.

With these tips, you can avoid reaching this state of exhaustion in your romantic endeavors.

Take a break.

If you’ve faced failed date after failed date, Glamour recommends giving yourself some much-needed time off to focus on friends, family and yourself. Dating shouldn’t leave you feeling bored or drained; and if you reach that point, it’s a good sign to take a break.

Try a different dating site.

No luck on your current dating app? Glamour advises trying another. All dating sites have their own pros and cons, and mixing it up will keep you on your toes.

Make a bucket list of dates.

Are you “over” hackneyed and cliché first dates like coffee shop meetups and bar hangouts? How do you really want to spend your time? Glamour suggests creating a bucket list of adventures you want to embark on and places you want to visit, and taking your date along for the ride. This change in scenery will allow you to see a different side of your potential partner while doing things you actually want to do. That way, no time is wasted – even if your plus-one is a total drag.

Initiate real conversations.

Don’t be all-swipe, no-talk. Bustle said avoiding conversations with your matches is a sure sign of burnout. If you want to form actual connections with people, you’ll have to put the work in.

Evaluate your dates.

Bustle noted that many people join dating apps like Tinder out of FOMO (fear of missing out). Make sure you’re actually interested in meeting a potential partner before signing up. Don’t just choose anyone to date; pick people you can actually see yourself with.

To help with your assessment, you can research your date before meeting up with them in person. Everyone is trying to make a good impression on dating apps, so they may only be showing you their “best” side. It’s important to have a good idea of someone’s full background and online activity before you invest a lot of time and emotions in them. If you see any red flags or dealbreakers, you can walk away before either one of you catches feelings.