Declan Name Meaning

Declan Name Meaning
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Our given names are special because they’re an important part of who we are. Names help tell our story and family history, and although we might not think about it every day, our names also carry meanings. Declan isn’t a common name in the US, however, so we explore the Declan name meaning, its origins and its popularity around the world.

What does the name Declan mean?

Declan is a name given to boys. It has at least two meanings including “man of prayer” or “full of goodness." This variation stems from two theories behind the origin of Declan; first, Saint Declan of Ardmore brought Catholicism to Ireland not Saint Patrick and the name, itself, comes from the Gaelic words “Deagh” and “lan,” which mean full of goodness.

There are also a handful of spellings for this unique name. Deklan, Declann and Decklynn comprise a few of them.

How do you pronounce Declan?

Declan is a two-syllable name and is easy to pronounce. Think of the word “deck” when saying dec, and -lynn or -lin when saying the second half. Together, an accurate pronunciation would sound mostly like “Dek-lin.”

Where does the name Declan come from?

Formerly known as Deaglán, the name Declan grew in prominence in Ireland during the 5th century after a Welsh preacher and missionary brought Christianity to the country. The believer exerted influence before St. Patrick, which would explain the Declan name meaning “man of prayer.”

If you’re running a people search in Ireland, you’ll find a lot of Declans. The name has steadily become more common within the past two decades.

In 2016, the blog Appellation Mountain, which featured Declan as the baby name of the day, attributed its popularity among Americans to the 1997 film “The Jackal,” where Richard Gere played the role of a sniper in the crime thriller.

In recent decades, the name has reached its peak; in 2019, it made the top 100 list out of 1,000 names for boys as shown in data from the Social Security Administration.

Prominent figures with the name Declan

Both Declans reside in the UK. The first is former soccer player Declan Rudd, who notably retired from his profession due to a knee injury in 2022. He played goalkeeper for Norwich City Football Club.

Declan Donnelly is an actor from the UK with a lengthy career in television that includes hosting TV shows “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” and “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.” He is currently a presenter on “Britain’s Got Talent.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

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