Property Owner Search

Is there suspicious activity happening on a neighbor’s property but don’t know how to contact them? Curious about who owns a crumbling home in your neighborhood and want to contact the owner? Are you looking to buy a home and want to know more about it, like the square footage and the number of bedrooms? Whatever questions you have, we’re here to answer your questions and fill in the gaps.

With PeopleLooker, you can search for an address and receive information on it and the person who owns it. When available, you may find out the following:

  • Name of the current owner and previous owner
  • Exact address
  • Number of rooms
  • Square footage
  • Other information provided by the county assessor
  • Deeds
  • And More

How An Address Search Can Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Staying informed and in-the-know can help keep you, your family, and your neighbors safe. Conducting a property search can inform you about a property, its owner, and even the previous owner. You may uncover important information, such as the contact information for these individuals and their backgrounds. If you have a new neighbor and want to discreetly find out more about them, like their name, phone number, or their previous address, conducting an address search can help you. Is there an empty, dilapidated house you’re afraid may be attracting loiters? You can use a property owner search to find out who owns the property so as to try and hold them responsible for its clean up to keep the neighborhood safe. Similarly, you can perform a property search if you’re simply curious about a piece of property: information such as the number of rooms, square footage, and its assessed value may be available.

At PeopleLooker, we believe that people should use data in public records to inform their decisions in the day-to-day. After all, when the clues are out there, it’s up to us to use them to our advantage! However, it may be confusing where to start. Beyond searching the addresses of neighbors, friends, and even total strangers, we recommend searching your own. By doing this, you may find out more about your home’s previous owner, and therefore understand why you’re getting calls from so many strangers, for example. If you’re searching for the contact information of a neighbor with whom you’re still unfamiliar, a property search may provide that contact information. We also recommend turning on our Monitoring feature to get inbox updates on reports. The possibilities are endless — it’s just up to you to use the information you have at your fingertips creatively and responsibly.

Property Scams

Unbeknownst to aspiring homeowners and renters, property scams are becoming an increasingly popular way to extort money out of unsuspecting people. Targets are mostly young, elderly, or inexperienced. Scammers will often claim that there is a property for rent or for sale, then persuade interested buyers or renters to put down large down payments. The victims later find out that hundreds, even thousands of their dollars are lost and that those so-called owners are not the real owners of that property at all. With a reverse address search, you can take steps to protect yourself and better avoid falling for scams of that kind by uncovering if the property’s owner is who they say they are.

What are other ways that you can protect yourself from a property scam, even if you’ve already done a property search?

  • Double check your agent’s credentials before transferring money.
  • Make sure your agent has a key and that you are able to see the interior of the home before signing any documents.

Recovering from a scam can be an unpleasant and messy business — with PeopleLooker, you may avoid becoming a victim from the beginning.

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