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If you are trying to conduct a background check online, you may have already experienced the frustration of trying to access multiple databases to run your searches. While there is a vast amount of public information available online for free or for a fee, knowing where to look to find that information is more difficult than most people imagine. You may also have encountered some unscrupulous background check companies that use bait and switch tactics to get consumers to pay for expensive searches after free or low-cost searches fail to turn up any information. Whether using another company or doing individual research, many everyday consumers attempting to access public information quickly realize that, although the information may be public, it is still difficult to access. However, PeopleLooker makes the process easier: allowing our customers access to a wealth of public information that comes from numerous sources, simplifying background checks and making it both easy and affordable.

PeopleLooker is different from other background check companies.

There are many companies out there that offer background check services. However, at PeopleLooker our customer-focused and customer-driven approach to people searching services sets us apart from the competition. We avoid the bait-and-switch approach that some of our competitors use by making it clear what our reports contain and what limitations our service may have. Many of our customers have told us about attempting to use other lower-cost services, only to be informed that information such as criminal records is only available for a higher price. We want to make sure that every customer leaves every interaction feeling as if he or she knew what service was being purchased at the beginning of the transaction and like they got that service by the end of the transaction.

PeopleLooker offers incredible customer service.

When we first opened, a complaint we heard from many of our customers was that they had no idea how to do a background check, which made it virtually impossible to choose a company. We understand that many of our customers are unfamiliar with the background check process. That is why we offer live customer support services, 7 days a week. If you have questions about the process or simply need help, you can call us, toll-free, at 1-800-218-3309, 8 am-10pm Monday-Friday and 10 am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. Or you can email us at [email protected]. Our highly trained customer service representatives can help you with any questions you may have, ensuring you get the most out of your use of our services.

PeopleLooker is easy to use.

When we started PeopleLooker, one of the things we noticed is that, even with laws like the Freedom of Information Act guaranteeing access to public information, public records searches could be difficult and expensive. While government agencies may have to allow access to the information, they can still limit how they provide that access, making it virtually impossible for the average person to conduct a thorough background check without the use of a background check company because these background checks would require visiting multiple websites and could even require in-person visits to public agencies. While other private companies have, of course, collected and consolidated this information into easy-to-use databases, access to those databases is generally expensive and very limited. PeopleLooker aggregates these records and then provides that information to our users in easy-to-understand reports.

PeopleLooker provides high-quality services at affordable prices.

Many of our customers are surprised at how affordable our background check services are. That is because we focus on a subscription model, which is oftentimes less than the price of a single background check through many other services. Subscriptions start at less than $20 month!

The best part about the service is that with a subscription customers are not limited to a single search. Many people seek out background check services to run a specific check on a specific person. However, depending on what is revealed in the background check, you may find yourself wanting to check into acquaintances. Other people know ahead of time that they will want to perform repeated searches. For example, many online daters use background checks to help screen their potential dates. Why pay more for one search when you can pay less for unlimited searches?

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