Holiday Season Tinder Guide

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Holiday Season Tinder Guide

‘Tis the season to swipe.

That’s right, the holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year for online dating—it’s even dubbed “cuffing season.”

Introduced to Urban Dictionary in 2011, “cuffing season” describes the time during fall and winter when singles get serious about finding a partner to be “cuffed” to, or tied down with.

In fact, studies of human behavior show that the cold winter months do make us more longing for a relationship.

So, if that’s you, here are three tips for a holiday season of successful swiping:

Watch Out For Shady Scammers

With an influx of online daters looking for someone to be cuffed with, there will inevitably be more fraudulent profiles to look out for.

The nightmare of falling for a scammer or a predator-in-disguise won’t compare to the negative feelings of being “un-cuffed” this winter, so don’t skip these basic online dating safety measures:

• Look at his or her social media profiles. If the information from one social network to the next is not consistent, consider this a reason for more research before continuing engagement with this person.

Check the person out by running a background check. A comprehensive background check service such as PeopleLooker will give you information about addresses, aliases, criminal incidents and known associates.

Let your intuition be your guide.

Remember: Getting scammed can happen to anyone.

Reach Out To An Old Flame

Heading home for the holidays? It might be fun to reach out to your an old crush.

Discussing the benefits of swiping during Thanksgiving weekend, relationship expert, Laurie Davis says, “If you match with someone from high school and you’re into the conversation, definitely go on a date. Even if you don’t live in the area, you never know what will happen.”

Saying hi to an old crush during the holiday season might just even lead to a real relationship. “There’s always the December festivities a month later and, after that, who knows where you’ll take it,” Davis continued.

Have no idea what your old high school crush is up to? Search for him or her on PeopleLooker, and you just might find out.

Think About Your Goals

We’re at the end of the year, and even though the cold weather has you wanted someone to cozy up with, it’s essential that you don’t get too caught up in a relationship or dating or the idea of being single.

This is one of the best times of the year to consider your own goalsnot just #couplegoals.

And doing so can make dating better. Taking the time to look inward will benefit you when it comes to dating because you’ll have more confidence knowing who you are, what you’re motivated by and what you’re striving to achieve.

Often, relationships don’t work because of unhealthy dating habits, so some self-reflection this holiday season can’t hurt.

We hope this guide helps you have a safe and merry season of swiping.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.