How To Clear Cache on Instagram

How To Clear Cache on Instagram

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Every picture or video you see on Instagram has to be downloaded by your phone. Over time, that amounts to a large amount of data cached on your device. Here’s why and how to clear your Instagram cache.

What is the Instagram cache?

Your Instagram cache is where Instagram stores data such as photographs. Storing this data makes the app load faster because your phone can display the picture without having to download it each time you want to look at it.

Why do you need to clear the Instagram cache?

Caching data helps apps load faster, but over time it can cause problems. Too much data in a cache will cause your app to slow down or crash. When your cache is full of old pictures and videos, clearing the cache can improve your phone’s performance.

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How to clear the Instagram cache

If you’re having problems with the Instagram app, try clearing the cache to fix it. Here are directions for how to clear your Instagram cache on iOS and Android devices.

How to clear Instagram cache on iOS

If you own an iPhone, the only way to clear your Instagram cache is to delete the app. Don’t worry, deleting the app is not the same as deleting your account. When you reinstall the app, all of your posts will still be there.

How to clear Instagram cache on Android

If you own an Android, you can manually delete the Instagram cache. The wording of some menus and options may be slightly different depending on which phone and operating system you’re using. These instructions are for most Samsung phones. Other Android phones will likely have similar steps.

  1. Pull down the notification shade and open the Settings menu.

    Opening settings

  2. Navigate to storage and find Apps.

    Locating Apps

  3. Scroll through the app list until you find Instagram.

    Locating Instagram

  4. Open App info, go to Storage to find the cache.

    Locating Instagram Storage

  5. Cache will show you stored images. At the bottom you’ll find the options to clear the cache.

    Locating “Clear Cache”

  6. Cache now cleared, you can see it’s empty.

    Empty Cache

How to clear Instagram cache on desktop

Problems with Instagram in your browser usually can’t be fixed by clearing your browser's cache. Instagram previously allowed users to clear their search history on their browser, but that option has been removed.

That said, Instagram alone is unlikely to blame for poor browser or computer performance. If you are experiencing issues with using Instagram on desktop, the problem is probably elsewhere.


When you notice an app like Instagram misbehaving, clearing the cache should be your first move. It just takes a few seconds, but it makes a big difference to performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you clear cache on Instagram?

When you clear your cache, you delete old data your phone downloaded from the app. That can include pictures, recent searches and information about what you’ve seen on your feed. Your username and password or other account information won’t be deleted.

Does deleting Instagram cache delete photos?

Deleting your cache won’t get rid of any photos that you’ve posted to Instagram. It’ll only get rid of other people’s photos your phone has downloaded for quicker access.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

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