Live Streaming Is About To Change Online Dating Forever

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Live Streaming Is About To Change Online Dating Forever

Momo is a Chinese dating app. Think of it as China’s version of Tinder.

Recently, Momo added a pretty cool function: Live-streaming.

It now specializes in letting users watch musicians perform live and interact with them. Users buy (with real money) virtual items, like flower bouquets and yachts, for the performers, who take a cut from the revenue.

It’s a lot different from offering just a dating service. And users have caught on.

But how does live streaming enhance the dating app experience?

“As a brand new form of interaction enabled by technological transitions, live video service is reshaping the way young people socialize and have fun via internet”, said Momo.

Basically, anyone can stream live videos and others can watch, comment and send virtual gifts. The idea of it sounds like YouTube. Where creators post videos and build a following of subscribers. The live-streams on Momo go beyond just music, too. Users can live-stream tutorials…advice…events. Anything. Just like YouTubers.

But what if instead of obtaining subscribers, you’re just interested in finding a date?

Well… maybe Momo is on to something.

It could be a good way to meet people interested in the same things you are. Like YouTube, except it’s live. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find love. The option is open for it.

This dual-functioning app is a big hit in China.

Would users in the U.S. feel the same way?

Momo now receives more than half of its revenue from the live-streaming service.

Unlike apps in the US, which typically focus on doing one thing (like messaging, dating or delivering news), Chinese apps tend to combine seemingly unrelated functions into one app.

Essentially, Momo got its 75 million monthly active users really into live-streaming.

Video functions in apps are a big deal in China. Seven of the top ten grossing apps are about videos. All of them have live-streaming, while some only just do that.

So does this mean we’ll expect live-streaming with our own online dating apps soon, too?

It’s certainly a way to build connections.

Maybe GPS could allow you to meet up with someone at a nearby concert.

Because you never know…

when that special someone is right around the corner.

Or you could send song messages to your date when the night is over.

Or send lyric texts.

Watch a live-streaming performance together… even when you’re apart.

So far, there isn’t a dating app with a live-streaming function like Momo in the U.S.

But if there was, perhaps it would live-stream musicians as well.

Because there’s nothing like a song that conveys the message you want to convey.

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