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How Do I Stay Safe on a Blind Date?

Going on a date with someone you’ve never met before? Follow these common-sense safety tips.

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People Who Faked Their Own Death

There are plenty of reasons someone might fake their own death, it usually comes back to one thing: They’re in trouble.

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Is Your Friend Dating a Sociopath?

Concerned about your friend’s new partner? Watch out for these key characteristics that might indicate they have sociopathic tendencies.

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6 Dating Lessons to Learn from ‘The Bachelor’

The premise of ‘The Bachelor’ is pretty similar to how online dating works these days — and there are a few valuable lessons about romantic relationships you can learn from the show.

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Common Dating Deal Breakers You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some dating “deal breakers,” like constant criticism and lack of emotional support, can be serious red flags that you shouldn’t ignore or overlook.

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