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Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Discussing a prenup might seem unromantic, but this legal agreement can help you safeguard your current assets if you and your partner ever split up.

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Looking for Love Online? Avoid These Tinder Profile No-Nos

If you find yourself continuously striking out on Tinder, you might be making one of these common mistakes.

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What to Do If Your Fiance Has Bad Credit or Debt

It’s important to talk about your finances and debt openly and honestly with your partner before you tie the knot. Here’s how you can broach this difficult topic with your fiance.

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Good Reasons to Join an Online Dating App

No luck meeting a good match IRL? Here are four good reasons to try an online dating app instead.

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What Is Zombieing?

You may have been ghosted by an online dating partner, but have any of them ever tried to come back into your life? If so, it could be a case of “zombieing.”

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