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Earlier this month, we predicted that live-streaming would change online dating forever.

The trending Chinese app, Momo, integrated live-streaming video capabilities, and we wondered how a similar feature could work in the U.S.

Now, this feature has arrived on our shores faster than we even expected. Tinder recently announced its newest feature: music by Spotify. This is another partnership by Spotify, who has also joined forces with Uber and Starbucks.

Which should give some Tinder users the reason to celebrate…

The two apps have met their own match. And in this new relationship, they’re bringing new features for Tinder users.

1. You can choose an Anthem – “that one single track that tells your story” – and broadcast it on your profile.

So choose wisely.

2. You can listen to other people’s Anthems.

3. Display video clips from your favorite artists for everyone to see.

4. Swipe to see who shares your taste in music.

Why we like people who share our taste in music

Asking your date what music they’re into is like standard protocol. It’s almost cliché in dating. But there’s actually good reason for wanting to know what your potential partner likes to rock out to.

We tend to like people who like the kind of music we do.

A study from 2006, published in Psychological Science, “found that college students getting to know each other over the internet are more likely to ask about music preferences than about all other categories of conversation topics combined.”

Knowing music preferences also proved to do a “reasonable job” at predicting personalities.

And when we find someone who shares our taste in music, we like them more. Music has a way of expressing values. It could be through the tone of the melody or the poetry of the lyrics. When we connect with someone who shares our values, it can be a powerful thing.

Maybe even the basis for everlasting love.

Tinder + Spotify is like a modern-day version of a mixtape you’d make for a crush back in the day. Expressing yourself through music. Dreaming that they’ll fall in love with you after listening to your selections. Then wondering, why you put certain songs on there.

But on with the old and in with the new. The Tinder and Spotify partnership is connecting people through music and that’s awesome.